Rich in
dietary fibers

The demand for added fibers in food applications is increasing rapidly. The consumers are rather well aware of the health benefits of fibers, although not knowing exactly which kind of fibers to choose for different purposes.

Fibers are the indigestible part of plant foods that passes our digestive system and that stimulate bacteria in colon. There are both soluble and insoluble fibers. Insoluble fibers do not dissolve in water, they absorb water during transport in the digestive tract, adding bulk which improves bowel movements. Soluble fibers dissolves in water, and as they absorb water in the digestive tract, they become gelatinous which is important for the abilityto transport cholesterol out of the body and to reduce the blood sugar response after eating.

Oats are very rich in fibers – both insoluble fibers but especially in soluble fibers, called beta glucans.

Fibers are an important part of a healthy diet and can also contribute towards body weight control, as they fill up adding negligible amount of calories and can help treat or prevent overweight and obesity.

The advantages of the SWEOAT™ Fiber 18% are:
•    Oats are commonly recognized as being good and healthy
for added fibers in food
•    Improved digestion, better bowel functions
•    Good water absorption ability
•    Increased satiety as fibers absorb water – for food in weight reduction 
•    Good viscosity – the soluble fibers have thickening properties
•    Good solubility, easy to solve in water, just stir and it is ready to use
•    High protein of 19%

SWEOAT® Fiber 18%

Dry powder, light yellowish brown, oat cereal taste. Average of 100 gram:
Dietary fiber 18 g, whereof β-glucan soluble fiber 8 g.
Fat 8 g, protein 19 g.
Particle size: 80%< 500 μm, 50% <355 μm.
Moisture (NMKL 23): 9%.
Shelf life 12 months.