A Swedish oat research center gets 100 MSEK to increase Swedish oat export

The newly established research center in Sweden in Lund, ScanOats, gets 100 million SEK from the Foundation for Strategic Research (SFF) for research on oats. Among other things, the aim is to increase the export of Swedish oat products in the long run.

- Oats are one of the few crops with which Sweden can compete internationally. Our climate and our soils are perfect for oats while almost every other crop is heavily exposed to our climate, says Leif Bülow, Professor of Applied Biochemistry at Lund University, to Dagens Nyheter.

The cooperating parties in the project are the three companies Oatly, Lantmännen and Swedish Oat Fiber - together with Lund University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. This project is part of the SFF's major initiative, in which 600 millions SEK will be contributed to various long-term research projects, aiming to launch completely new products.

The ScanOats' research will cover the entire oat supply and process chain - from cultivation of new oat types and increasing the nutritional contents of oats - to development of new oat-based consumer and B2B products.

Source: Food Supply News Feb. 14, 2017