Oat beta glucans in bread improves postprandial glucose response and HbA1c

A positive study done in Italy for diabetics during 6 months shows how bread containing oat beta glucans improves the blood glucose response after eating and also lower HbA1c. 

"We report that this ‘functional bread’ significantly improved the metabolic control in the T2DM subjects, as shown by significant reductions of glycated hemoglobin, of post-prandial and mean glucose concentrations. In contrast, both HbA1c and glucose concentrations did not change in the ‘control’ bread group (Figure 1 and Table 3). Furthermore, in the six to seven months preceding the observation periods, HbA1c was nearly stable in both groups (Figure 1). Therefore, these data indicate that the intake of the functional bread was effective in the improvement of metabolic control in type 2 diabetes."

A Multifunctional Bread Rich in Beta Glucans and
Low in Starch Improves Metabolic Control in Type 2
Diabetes: A Controlled Trial