Adding 20% SWEOAT Bran BG28 promotes satiety by affecting hunger significantly

Swedish Oat Fiber was present at the 7th International Dietary Fibre Conference (, which was held this year in Rotterdam 4-6th June. Our R&D Director Frédéric Prothon presented a work together with the University of Leeds on the effect of added oat bran fiber on satiety.

This study could show that addition of 20% oat fiber in noodles eaten in a chilli broth significantly affects satiety with large effect size in hunger and fullness scores compared to control (no fiber/no chilli). Fiber alone at 20% also promotes satiety by affecting hunger significantly. 


The Conference was a success with many interesting discussions, and at least five oral presentations mentioning the beneficial effects of oat beta-glucans and oat bran fibers. Oat beta-glucan confirms its status as the healthy dietary fiber of reference.

This work will also be presented at the upcoming Nutrition Society Conference in Leeds in July 2018