Lower doses of Oat Beta Glucan positive impact on glycemia

Thomas M. S. Wolever, Alexandra L. Jenkins, Kevin Prudence,
Jodee Johnson, Ruedi Duss, YiFang Chuc and Robert E. Steinert:

Effect of adding oat bran to instant oatmeal on
glycaemic response in humans – a study to
establish the minimum effective dose of oat

Highlights of the results for OBG (Oat Beta Glucan):

  • Significant 20% reduction of blood glucose iAUC for an OBG-dose of 2.77 g/serving
  • Significant 20% reduction of glucose Peak Rise for an OBG dose of 1.37 g/serving
  • Each gram of OBG reduced the Peak Rise by 15%
  • Available carbohydrates = 28 g /serving
  • As a comparison, EFSA health claim on glycaemia conditioned 4 g OBG/serving containing 30 g available carbs.
  • Significant positive correlation with in-vitro viscosity: the high-molecular-weight quality guaranteed by Swedish Oat Fiber

Test meal:

  • Instant oat meal with added OatWell 28% (=SWEOAT Bran BG28)
  • Stirred in 200 ml water
  • Heated in micro wawe oven 2 min
  • Served with 240 ml cold 2% milk as beverage
  • Control: Cream of Rice (0% fiber)

Study design:

  • Randomized, cross-over
  • 41 subjects, 1 drop-out
  • 22 males, 18 females
  • 18-57 years
  • BMI 20-31.5
  • 6 visits, blood measurements during 2 h after meal