About oats

Oats are full of fibers, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are generally considered more healthy and nutritious than the other main cereals.

Oats have been farmed since about 2000 years ago. In Sweden, the oat cultivation started more seriously in the 18th century and boomed at the end of the 1880-1890s, when oats were almost half of the Swedish grain production.

Oats are grown in temperate regions, requiring lower summer heat and having greater tolerance to rain than most other cereals. Oats are in Sweden planted in spring for early autumn harvest. Thus Sweden is a perfect place to grow the very best oats.

Today, oats are farmed in many countries, mainly Europe and North America. Sweden is among the 10 biggest producers with approx. 800,000 tons per year, of which approx. 100,000 tons are used for processing into human food.