SWEOAT® – Three lines of unique oat products

The production is certified according to different quality and product safety standards. All of our different products are produced in the factory in Sweden, based on Swedish oats from Swedish farmers.

We use a unique production process to fractionate the oat kernel into three product lines - the beta glucan products, the oat flours and the oat oils. All of them with special features and benefits.

A special product rich in dietary fiber has also been launched, not part of the three standard lines - in which the focus is on the fibers totally, not only the beta glucans.

We are also certified for organic production as well - per today it is the wholegrain SWEOAT Flour P14 that we offer in an organic version.  

The products of Swedish Oat Fiber serve different areas of food production and also sport and nutritional products, the cosmetic industry and the feed industry, including pet food.

We also do the two basic flours, SWEOAT Flour P12 and P19 in baby food quality, securing that we comply to all the low limits of heavy methals (mainly cadmium < 0,04 mg/kg), pesticides, toxins etc that are required by the European authorities.


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Printable .PDF with standard SWEOAT Flour products
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