Oat for the pet food and feed industry

SWEOAT™ Brans for Pet Food and Feed

Contains beta glucans which are soluble natural gelling fibers, trapped in the cell walls of the oat kernel. 

The advantages of the beta glucans in pet food and feed are:

  • High nutritional values 
  • High digestibility
  • Good for sensitive stomachs
  • Especially good for horses with stressed stomachs
  • Horse feed to increase stomach health
  • Satiety 
  • Water binding properties
  • May replaces E-additives
  • High protein of 21-23%
  • Excellent for extruded products, gives a very good crisp
  • Shelf life of 24 months


SWEOAT™ Brans are suitable in a variety of different products, both for nutritional and functional purposes.  Some examples of applications are:

  • Dogs food for digestible problems
  • Other animal feed

SWEOAT™ Flours for Pet Food and Feed

Fine milled flours, with high nutritional values compared to other grains and also competitive price wise. The flours are heat treated, stabilizing the flour and giving less microbiological activities.

The advantages of the SWEOAT™ Flours in pet food and feed are:

  • May replace other heat treated grain flours 
  • No GMO
  • High contents of protein, 12 and 19%
  • More nutritious compared to other cereal proteins
  • Good results of increased production values for piglets, chicken and minks
  • High amount of essential amino acids
  • Digestibility of oat proteins is 90%, equal to rice and maize/corn
  • Excellent for extrusion, gives a high fine crisp
  • Long shelf life – 12 and 24 months

SWEOAT™ Flours are suitable in a variety of different products, based on their own properties or replacing other ingredients. Some examples of applications are:

  • Piglets feed – studies have proved higher production value (daily growth and feed uptake)
  • Mink feed – studies verify better digestibility
  • Chicken feed – studies verify increased production values
  • Horse feed for better digestibility
  • Dog feed
  • Overall, very good impact for young and/or small animals and horses

SWEOAT™ Oils for Pet Food and Feed

Pure vegetable, with special functional and nutritional properties. The advantages of the SWEOAT™ Oils are:

  • Natural digestive emulsifier and antioxidants
  • Digestibility – better absorption
  • Very good for small animals’ performance
  • Anti-inflammatory

Some examples of applications are:

  • Horse feed for very high performance
  • Feed for dogs (better health, improved digestion)